Medical & Protective Textiles

Medical & Protective Textiles

In order to protect humans from the potential accidents in various working environments,  Zedtex offers fabrics developed for a wide range of protective applications  such as: fire-safe fabrics, anti-static fabrics, high-visibility fabrics, fabrics for military cloths, hospital-grade fabrics, mosquito-repelling fabrics, fabrics protecting against electro-magnetic radiation, and more.

To meet the demands of specific environments  these protective features can be combined to create so called “multifunctional fabrics” suited to these key areas.

  • Medical Application
  • Protection clothing and fabrics to safeguard safety professionals from health-threatening, hazardous materials and contamination.
  • High absorption non-wovens for to ensure hygienic environments.

Zedtex Technical Materials Brochure

  • Fabrics or yarns based on Meta-aramid, Para-aramid, Acrylic, Viscose, PBO, Fiberglass, Basalt
  • Fabrics or yarns based on UHMPE, Aramid, Fiberglass or Steel
  • Woven, Coated and specially finished textiles for production of protective workwear
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Other Products

  • Furnishings – Home & Commercial

    Zedtex has been supplying Textile Furnishings for over 15 years and we have a long established trading history with our key suppliers. Zedtex supplies a full range of furnishings products to wholesalers, retailers and converters in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Our collective buying power and leverage with our suppliers ensures strong price competitiveness.

  • Civil Engineering Fabrics, Geotextiles etc

    The Civil Engineering world trend is light weight, energy saving, safety, durability and low maintenance. Geotextile composites and products such as geogrids and meshes have been developed for many applications including civil engineering applications including roads and more.

  • Tubes

    The global trend in packaging has seen PE (polyethylene) gradually replace aluminium as the medium of choice for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, cleansers & health care products. Squeeze PE tubes are a new advanced packaging medium offering aesthetic appeal, even thickness and a range of finishes. The unique feature of the extruded tube is its flexibility, […]

  • Fibre

    From the ages for which there are no records, man has been using fibre. Several thousands of years later synthetic (Man-made) fibre innovations have not stopped. The work of Wallace Carothers, Julian Hill and other researchers culminated in the development of Nylon in 1930, and marked the beginning of a new era in synthetic fibres.