Braiding Machines & Bobbin winders

Herzog Braiding equipment – the world’s market and technology leaders in this field.  HERZOG have shown their competence in braiding and winding technology since 1861. Nowadays the family owned company is one of the most well known manufacturers of braiding and winding technology recognised for their innovative strength and technical expertise.  With 500 models of braiding and winding machines available, as well as innovative tailor-made custom products, HERZOG have been setting the technical benchmark for 150 years:  from shoe laces through to high-tech composites.

HERZOG’s secret to continuous technical advancement, is their understanding of the user’s demands and an ability to offer outstanding, economical, highly efficient solutions complimented with outstanding service that starts from the first enquiry and right through to the supply of spare parts – even for very old machines

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Laminating Equipment

RELIANT MACHINERY first developed the concept of the flatbed conveyor system some 40 years ago.  Today, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative flatbed laminating equipment.Using the company’s latest POWERBOND-HPC High Pressure technology, Reliant laminators can heat set, compress, and or calibrate as well as laminate many substrates including;

  • Uni-directional and cross ply Aramids and PE’s used in the defence industry
  • Rigid and flexible pre-pregs incorporating, fibreglass, carbons, PP’s and similar
  • Integration of mats with honeycomb, foams, fibreboards and many other materials
  • Impregnation of films and adhesives with a wide range of fibres
  • Compress non-woven’s produced from PET, PP and a range of natural fibres
  • Lightweight structures laminated with heat and sound resistant barrier  films

RELIANT flatbed laminators can handle continuously fed materials, cut pieces and sheets as well as adhesives in film, web, powder, pressure sensitive, and some liquid formats.

Infra red heaters

KRELUS is a dynamic Swiss company who have developed a unique system in the field of high power infrared radiation. With unique design and construction, KRELUS produce an infrared heater that is one of the most efficient and desired heating processes for the production requirements of your industry. KRELUS heaters long to medium wave length radiation offers high intensity output and quick response time -  providing complete and accurate control necessary to avoid damage caused by overheating the product in line.

  • Krelus Infra Red Heaters

Other Machinery

Regenerated Fibre spinning line
Regenerated Fibre chip production line


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Other Products

  • Ropes, Cables & Twines

    Through collaboration with our industry partners Zedtex can offer custom made ropes, cables and plied twines or cords. Plied yarns can be developed with specific properties to suit the end use environment and using the world’s strongest synthetic fibers and high grade steel components, rope and cable systems can be developed to substitute steel cables and steel wire rope.

  • Furnishings – Home & Commercial

    Zedtex has been supplying Textile Furnishings for over 15 years and we have a long established trading history with our key suppliers. Zedtex supplies a full range of furnishings products to wholesalers, retailers and converters in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Our collective buying power and leverage with our suppliers ensures strong price competitiveness.

  • Transport & Automotive Industry

    REATEX MARKETING NZ & AUSTRALIA Reatex has been supplying the transport market with upholstery fabrics, interior parts, finished products and accessories for more than 30 years. A strong name in transport fabrics with expert industry knowledge and nearly 50 years combined experience. As a major supplier to the bus, coach, rail, automotive and ferry markets […]

  • Tubes

    The global trend in packaging has seen PE (polyethylene) gradually replace aluminium as the medium of choice for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, cleansers & health care products. Squeeze PE tubes are a new advanced packaging medium offering aesthetic appeal, even thickness and a range of finishes. The unique feature of the extruded tube is its flexibility, […]