Technical & Industrial Textiles

Technical & Industrial Textiles

      • Woven fabric
        • Carbon – 3k,6k,12k,24k,48k, spun carbon, carbon tapes etc.
        • E-Glass
        • HMPP
        • HMWPE –Dyneema®
        • Meta-aramids
        • Modified Para aramids
        • Nylon – nylon 6 and nylon 6,6
        • Para-Aramids – Twaron®
        • PBO – Zylon HS and Zylon HM
        • Polyester
        • Polyarylate – Vectran
        • Polypropylene
        • Polytetrafluoro-ethylent (PTFE)
        • Spun bond
        • Spun lace
        • Wet-Laid
        • Air Laid
        • Needle punched
        • Open weave Polyester Scrim
        • Fiberglass scrim


With integrated product development, project management and warehousing systems, Zedtex has become a recognized, competitive supplier of Technical and Industrial textiles. We provide customers with unique textiles solutions that meet exacting requirements.

Our principals have years of technical weaving experience of a wide and ever-increasing array of synthetic fibres, offering designs woven to optimise fibre performance (e.g. tenacity, % elongation, modulus, denier per filament, denier/dtex, spin finish etc).
Zedtex can assist with fabric based on high tenacity, textured or spun yarns for a variety of applications such as filtration, coated window blinds and other specific Industrial or apparel requirements.

Zedtex Technical Materials Brochure


  • Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
  • Geotextiles
  • Filter Media
  • Horticultural and Farming
  • Waterproofing


  • Provide Reinforcement to fabrics or lightweight materials


  • Thermoplastic pipe reinforcement


  • Gysum board jointing


  • used for sewn bag closure
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Other Products

  • Adhesives

    Decades of development and application expertise make Collano adhesives & films the ideal solution for sophisticated and unconventional customer requirements. For a vast spectrum of bonding applications these specialty adhesives give you the assurance that the bonding system you use is precisely designed to deliver the best results in your project.

  • Machinery

    Herzog Braiding equipment – the world’s market and technology leaders in this field. HERZOG have shown their competence in braiding and winding technology since 1861. Nowadays the family owned company is one of the most well known manufacturers of braiding and winding technology recognised for their innovative strength and technical expertise.

  • Fibre

    From the ages for which there are no records, man has been using fibre. Several thousands of years later synthetic (Man-made) fibre innovations have not stopped. The work of Wallace Carothers, Julian Hill and other researchers culminated in the development of Nylon in 1930, and marked the beginning of a new era in synthetic fibres.

  • Furnishings – Home & Commercial

    Zedtex has been supplying Textile Furnishings for over 15 years and we have a long established trading history with our key suppliers. Zedtex supplies a full range of furnishings products to wholesalers, retailers and converters in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Our collective buying power and leverage with our suppliers ensures strong price competitiveness.