Technical & Industrial Textiles

Technical & Industrial Textiles

      • Woven fabric
        • Carbon – 3k,6k,12k,24k,48k, spun carbon, carbon tapes etc.
        • E-Glass
        • HMPP
        • HMWPE –Dyneema®
        • Meta-aramids
        • Modified Para aramids
        • Nylon – nylon 6 and nylon 6,6
        • Para-Aramids – Twaron®
        • PBO – Zylon HS and Zylon HM
        • Polyester
        • Polyarylate – Vectran
        • Polypropylene
        • Polytetrafluoro-ethylent (PTFE)
        • Spun bond
        • Spun lace
        • Wet-Laid
        • Air Laid
        • Needle punched
        • Open weave Polyester Scrim
        • Fiberglass scrim


With integrated product development, project management and warehousing systems, Zedtex has become a recognized, competitive supplier of Technical and Industrial textiles. We provide customers with unique textiles solutions that meet exacting requirements.

Our principals have years of technical weaving experience of a wide and ever-increasing array of synthetic fibres, offering designs woven to optimise fibre performance (e.g. tenacity, % elongation, modulus, denier per filament, denier/dtex, spin finish etc).
Zedtex can assist with fabric based on high tenacity, textured or spun yarns for a variety of applications such as filtration, coated window blinds and other specific Industrial or apparel requirements.

Zedtex Technical Materials Brochure


  • Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
  • Geotextiles
  • Filter Media
  • Horticultural and Farming
  • Waterproofing


  • Provide Reinforcement to fabrics or lightweight materials


  • Thermoplastic pipe reinforcement


  • Gysum board jointing


  • used for sewn bag closure
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Other Products

  • Ballistic Protection

    The modern world has changed the value of human life. Via the media, people are confronted with death and suffering on a daily basis. Because of these threats, there is an ever stronger clamour for life protection.

  • Composite Materials

    Composites have come a long way with light weight and durable composites increasingly replacing conventional materials. Carbon and aramid fibres play an important role – essential for reinforcing where weight reduction and excellent damage tolerance are required. Zedtex composite fabrics are used for applications in marine and aerospace construction, civil engineering, automotive and passenger transportation, […]

  • Fibre

    From the ages for which there are no records, man has been using fibre. Several thousands of years later synthetic (Man-made) fibre innovations have not stopped. The work of Wallace Carothers, Julian Hill and other researchers culminated in the development of Nylon in 1930, and marked the beginning of a new era in synthetic fibres.

  • Furnishings – Home & Commercial

    Zedtex has been supplying Textile Furnishings for over 15 years and we have a long established trading history with our key suppliers. Zedtex supplies a full range of furnishings products to wholesalers, retailers and converters in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Our collective buying power and leverage with our suppliers ensures strong price competitiveness.