Industrial Sheeting & Films

Industrial Sheeting & Films

  • Floor & carpet protective film
  • Heat insulation window film

Zedtex Technical Materials Brochure

  • When it comes down to it, the essential role of a package is to protect the product it contains, delivering it safely, with all of its features and benefits intact. The PET package does this and much more.
  • Available in 100% virgin grade or virgin/recycled virgin grade, transparent clear or black and supplied in widths and microns to suit your specification.
  • Heat-shrinkable polyester film
  • Packaging Sleeves for bottles and containers of consumables and liquids
  • Excellent shrink behaviors for shrink sleeves applications.
  • This environmentally friendly film is suitable for application methods using hot air and steam tunnels and provides an ideal label medium for any shape.
  •   Exclusive CoPET technology has good printability, is low static, and is eco-friendly with good tensile strength.
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    Other Products

    • Adhesives

      Decades of development and application expertise make Collano adhesives & films the ideal solution for sophisticated and unconventional customer requirements. For a vast spectrum of bonding applications these specialty adhesives give you the assurance that the bonding system you use is precisely designed to deliver the best results in your project.

    • Machinery

      Herzog Braiding equipment – the world’s market and technology leaders in this field. HERZOG have shown their competence in braiding and winding technology since 1861. Nowadays the family owned company is one of the most well known manufacturers of braiding and winding technology recognised for their innovative strength and technical expertise.

    • Civil Engineering Fabrics, Geotextiles etc

      The Civil Engineering world trend is light weight, energy saving, safety, durability and low maintenance. Geotextile composites and products such as geogrids and meshes have been developed for many applications including civil engineering applications including roads and more.

    • Tubes

      The global trend in packaging has seen PE (polyethylene) gradually replace aluminium as the medium of choice for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, cleansers & health care products. Squeeze PE tubes are a new advanced packaging medium offering aesthetic appeal, even thickness and a range of finishes. The unique feature of the extruded tube is its flexibility, […]