Agriculture, Horticulture, Viticulture

Agriculture, Horticulture, Viticulture

Solutions for smaller scale Horticulture, larger scale Agriculture, specialist Viticulture or complementary industries.

Ecowire DLE Brochure


  • Spun bonded (non woven) polypropylene. Air and moisture permeable. Available in various weights (gsm) and widths. Helps to protect plants & crops against light early and late frosts. Not generally suitable for over winter protection.

Application & Advantages

  • 100% polyester fencing and crop wire. Low stretch factor requiring minimum maintenance.
    Provides strong, safe fencing for your live stock, wire trellis support for valuable vines or even
    in the construction of windbreaks. Suitable for use in greenhouses for shading and roofing
  • Lightweight and easy to install – overcomes handling and safety issues associated with metal
    wires whilst providing strength and tension. A 1350m reel of 2.6mm Ecowire weighs just
    10kgs making one man installations a breeze. No special equipment required. Ecowire can be
    installed with traditional fencing tools and has a tensioning rate of 1 metre per 100 metres.
  • High Break strength – far exceeds recommended tensioning rates of steel wire.
  • Low Maintenance – retains tension under load and joins are repaired with a simple knot, or
    traditional devices.
  • Safer than steel – Ecowire’s smooth surface won’t harm valuable plants, animals or your hands
    and it’s lighter weight means far less strain on your back.
  • Significant savings – on comparative steel wires, faster, safer installations
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Other Products

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