Whether you are looking to bond textiles for industrial or apparel applications, automotive bonding requirements or even bond layers of ballistic armor we guarantee we can offer solution for your needs from Collano or Nolax’s broad range of adhesive systems.

Zedtex Technical Materials Brochure

Bonding applications

  • Textiles to each other, with leather or PUR and PE foam
  • Metals to each other, to foam or fabric
  • Glass fibre fabric to plastic film
  • Glass fibre laminate to foam
  • PVC/ABS to foam and textile
  • Wood/wood fibre products to numerous substrates
  • All kinds of honeycomb to numerous substrates
  • Chip bonding
  • Seam sealing

Application areas

  • Permanent or removable adhesives for labels, tapes and security applications on various substrates
  • Joining foam and upholstery materials for furniture, textiles and mattresses
  • Laminating decorative materials (textiles, nonwovens) to support elements made of wood, metal and synthetic or composite materials
  • Resealable packaging
  • Clear on clear labels (UV-curable hotmelt adhesives)
  • Wash resistant seam sealing and face bonding for the apparel industry and technical textiles

Application areas

  • Panels for partition walls, ceilings and general insulation elements
  • Panels for colling elements and steel containers
  • Door and gate panels, widening of windows and door frames
  • Specialist doors (radiation protection doors, wet room doors, fire doors, sound-proof doors, external doors, tunnel doors and gates)
  • Panels for wall cladding
  • Industry manufactured semi-finished products/instulation elements
  • Panels for the transport industry (truck superstructure and floor sheeting, rail car doors and roofs)
  • Gas and water pipe rehabilitation
  • Timber constructions, staircases
  • Parquet flooring
  • Filter/sealer materials (local reinforcement of sandwich panels, mould-making and prototyping, filter and electronics industry)
  • Solar cells
  • Metal and sheet metal construction
  • Installation work

Application areas

  • Foam (spray bonding, mattress manufacturing, foam-wood bonding)
  • Labels (permanent and removable)
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Packaging
  • Construction (flooring, wall and ceiling adhesives, adhesion promoters and deep-penetrating primers, wood glues)
  • Parquet primers and coatings, binders for grinding dust
  • Window and door making
  • Producton of panels with cores or outer layers of absorbent materials (wood, plaster, concrete etc)
  • Partiition wall elements for indoors
  • Ceiling and acoustic elements
  • Interior design elements
  • Lightweight systems for the transportation industry
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Other Products

  • Ropes, Cables & Twines

    Through collaboration with our industry partners Zedtex can offer custom made ropes, cables and plied twines or cords. Plied yarns can be developed with specific properties to suit the end use environment and using the world’s strongest synthetic fibers and high grade steel components, rope and cable systems can be developed to substitute steel cables and steel wire rope.

  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Viticulture

    Solutions for smaller scale Horticulture, larger scale Agriculture, specialist Viticulture or complementary industries.

  • Furnishings – Home & Commercial

    Zedtex has been supplying Textile Furnishings for over 15 years and we have a long established trading history with our key suppliers. Zedtex supplies a full range of furnishings products to wholesalers, retailers and converters in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Our collective buying power and leverage with our suppliers ensures strong price competitiveness.

  • Yarn

    Those early yarns are a long way from the highly technical synthetic yarns available today. Nylon, the first synthetic fibre and forerunner of today’s man-made yarns was debuted just in time for WWII rationing and it’s novel use as a material for women’s stockings overshadowed it’s more practical uses, such as replacement for silk in parachutes and other military use.